Blocks R Us

This page illustrates a subset of the output from WordPress Core Block Editor. The area bounded by the red borders is a Section Block from the “Ulimate Addons for Gutenberg” plugin. The Section Block serves the same purpose as the HTML5 <section>…</section> element. That is, it acts as a container for a group of subservient blocks. The Core Group Block is also a “container.”

Section Block

Media + Text Block

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This site”s purpose in life is to learn how to cope with the new default WordPress Editor (AKA Gutenberg, AKA Block Editor). since we will be in learning mode, expect this site to be somewhat unstable, if not downright broken at any one point in time.

List Blocks

This is a Numbered List Block in more ways than one!

  1. unus – primus
  2. duo- secundus
  3. tres – tertius
  4. quattuor – quartus
  5. quinque – quintus
  6. sex – sextus
  7. septem – septimus
  8. octo – octavos
  9. novem – nonus
  10. decem – decimus

This is a Bullet List Block with less ways than above!

  • One – first
  • two – second
  • three – third
  • four – fourth
  • five – fifth
  • six – sixth
  • seven – seventh
  • eight – eighth
  • nine – nineth
  • ten – tenth

Audio Block

File Block

HTML Block

This block is used to enter custom HTML. In addition to the text, this paragraph contains a link to PropHead’s Place

Code Block

<p>This block displays code, which in this case is an HTML paragraph element.</p>